H4H Foundation Financial Report

We appreciate the support of everyone who donates to help us continue doing what we are doing to reach individuals families and communities. This charity is a simple concept that requires ALOT of effort to keep WV Batman rolling and supporting so many different causes. Many lives get reached with the support of my team of board members, none of which draw any salary. This means that 100% of what comes in is actually used for the many different outreaches that I am honored to do as WV Batman.
Here are some of the ways we put your money to work….

•”Hope Injection” Batmobile rides for a child battling a difficult illnesses of all types.

•Drug awareness, bullying, suicide prevention, or school violence prevention school assemblies for areas where the schools have little or no funding or have experienced a tragic event in their school.

•A variety of programs for at risk youth.

•Helping with the funerals of fallen young heroes that we have supported. (So far we have served 30 families with young heroes who have fallen to illness or tragedy.)

•Hospice camp visits for youth that have lost loved ones.

•Visits to communities which have experienced tragedy.

•Maintenance & repair to keep Hopemobile/Batmobile rolling.

We always welcome your donations as we never know what the next need might be that arises. When you or your company donates you have made yourself a part of a team that impacts and changes lives in countless ways.

Thank You
John Buckland-President
WV Batman

February 2021 Financials

☆☆ Repair expenses on the Batmobile are now being dramatically reduced starting 2020 due to the acquisition of the fully enclosed car trailer which will transport the vehicle to most locations & prevent much of the repair and maintenance expenses.This will redirect more funding for direct outreach.



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