Our Team

John & Ronda Buckland

President & Director

Alicia Dennison

Vice President/Secretary

Larry & Kenny Woodall

Fundraising Advisors

Trey & Michelle Ganem

Bereavement Directors-Owners, Trey Ganem Designs

Robert G Payne CPA CGMA


Melanie Akers

Advisor-Director of Hoops Family & Childrens Hospital.

Mark Gossett

Advisor & Internet Marketing Specialist

Melissa Wolfe, LPC

Youth Mental Health Advisor

Corporal Richard Romero

Law Enforcement Advisor

Ric Savage

Former wrestler, reality TV host, podcast host, motivational speaker


About Our Team

John Buckland

John Buckland is the founder of H4H Foundation. He is also known as the Batman of West Virginia. He started this Outreach in 2012 one year after returning home from Iraq where he served as a Department of Defense civilian firefighter alongside the military and civilians for 2 years.
John had a difficult past in his life suffering horrible child abuse which led him into a life of drug use, suicide, bullying, and self destruction.
His life was turned around however and he has dedicated his life to inspiring children & adults to overcome their tragedies and difficult times and be heroes in the community themselves.
” It is never too late to redefine our life is a prevailing theme in the work that he does.”
This theme and mission are prevalent through H4H Foundation with every child that is visited, family impacted or community reached.
Ronda is a Huntington,West Virginia native. Her family has been president in the community through their family business which was established in 1953.
She is also a successful businesswoman as a licensed massage therapist for 20 years
Together they are passionate about reaching families in impacting communities everywhere.

Alicia Dennison

Alicia Dennison is the mother of three children (teenagers) and the wife of 15 year army veteran Barney Dennison. Alicia ran a successful non- profit called Golden Kidz, that helped to support families through the difficult diagnosis of childhood cancer, from Oct. ’10 to April ’18. Golden Kidz during its existence helped hundreds of families with financial and emotional support. Alicia’s mission in life is to help families, going through any kind of hardship, realize that they have support and people there to guide them though any situation. “Tough things make us stronger” as Batman always says!

Larry & Kenny Woodall

Owners of Performance Fiberglass & members of The American Legion Post #139

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